The shower trays are now the main element of bathroom. Shower trays are available in many different finishes. Slimline Shower trays and a high level of resistance, the resin can find a wide range of textures and colors which gives a great demand. Shower trays to suit any space provides a secure and modern at the same time

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  • Shower Trays Porcelain

    The shower trays porcelain finishes are distinctive durability and great variety. Shower trays perfect finish give the possibility to have the shower at ground level, in many ways shower trays to suit any shape is angular or straight, with a wide range of measures, are modern and safe solution.

  • Acrylic shower trays


  • Resin Shower Trays

    Shower trays are extra-resin finish and cutouts, with a high level of resistance similar to natural stones. The resin shower trays and mineral fillers come in a variety range of colors and textures giving them today in great demand. They adapt to any space with the possibility of different textures are the perfect solution for safe and modern shower together.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items