The sanitaryware provides new experiences to a modern design in the bathroom world. The bathroom has been gaining relevance with the passing of time and sanitaryware have improved functionality and style, now boast the same aesthetic importance to other rooms in the house. We have all kinds of sanitary bathroom of the best brands and prices.

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  • Toilet

    A broad variety of toilets that focuses on the design and functionality. The will find with standing or suspended.

  • Sinks

    All types of sinks and modern forms today, family bathroom and small bathrooms: sinks that will fit any countertop or plaque.

  • Bathtubs

    Within the sanitaryware, the bathtub is what gives us the more enjoyable time of the day .. a relaxing bath. Bathtubs clear lines that use the space in the bathroom.

  • Shower

    The shower trays are now the main element of bathroom. Shower trays are available in many different finishes. Slimline Shower trays and a high level of resistance, the resin can find a wide range of textures and colors which gives a great demand. Shower trays to suit any space provides a secure and modern at the same time

  • Bidet

    All types of floor or suspended bidets, timeless forms, attractive designs and contemporary.

  • faucet-accessories

    Drains and valves for the toilets are not the less visible part of the bathroom, now you can install traps combined with washstands and taps complements modern design.

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Showing 13 - 21 of 21 items
Showing 13 - 21 of 21 items