The bathroom accessories are an essential complement in the baths, as well as decorative and practical. You will find high quality bathroom accessories from the best brands on the market. Variety of color models, shapes and finishes, the latest trends in bathroom accessories.

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  • Set of accessories

    Discover the lastest news in bathroom accessories from traditional supplements such as towel bars, dispensers or roll holders, hangers. High quality bathroom accessories from different color models, shapes and finishes, the latest trends in bathroom accessories.

  • accessories no drilling

    Bathroom accessories of high quality and design, they do not need to drill holes in the wall for installation. These bathroom accessories can cover old holes and decorate your bathroom with ease.

  • Floor accessories

    Discover the lastest news in bathroom accessories such as floor accessories include towel-roll holder and toilet brush. High quality bathroom accessories of different models in different colors, shapes and finishes, they do not need to hang on the wall, with multiple functions of great quality and design.

  • Bathroom Hangers

    All kinds of  bathroom hangers for hanging on wall or behind the door. Bathroom accessories essential in the decoration of your bathroom

  • Bathroom Towel

    Essential in the bathroom to hang towels, belong to sets of bath accessories, making it easy to get everything done game, there are different measures.

  • Toilet Roll holder

    Inside the bathroom fixtures are the roll holder with cover or not, are an important element in the bathroom. They are responsible for maintaining the paper roll in place.

  • Toilet Brush

    Discover the latest trends in toilet brush inside the variety of bathroom accessories, that besides practical and decorative, are an essential part of the bathroom.

  • Bathroom Dispensers

    What better way to control spending a dispenser soap. The bathroom accessories as well as clean and practical, easy to combined the decor of your bathroom.

  • Toothbrush holder glasses

    The best way have in order the toothbrushes and other bathroom accessories is having a glass toothbrush holder. Besides practical they are very decorative.

  • Shelves soaps shower

    Wall Soap holder for shower gel perfect to place the bath, there are from corner or straight, in different sizes and models.

  • Bath soap dishes

    Desktop soap dishes, bath accessories are useful which help keep order in the bath and prevent the soap may leave marks on the bathroom counter.

  • bars bathtub and shower

    Security with style, bars for bath and shower and not only ensure better security in the bathroom, but they also adjust to the trends of modern bathroom.

  • Bath shelves

    One way to get the most out of your bathroom and to keep order is to have perfect shelves. On walls and any free space can be installed, come in all styles and sizes.

  • Bathroom Towel radiators

    Radiators that help to heat the atmosphere of the bath and towel dry off to allow the hot towel anything else out of the shower, are original, modern and colors to match the tones of the bathroom.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 58 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 58 items